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A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist, a quote that truly justify the persona of Dr Amit Kumar Natani. His understanding of excellent clinical reasoning and quality of paying extra attention to even minute details is praiseworthy. The immediate response to critical cases and working closely with the team are his core strengths. Dr Amit Kumar does not believe in standing still rather he is adaptive to the changes to improve the quality of service. He is a qualified post graduate in Neurological and Psychosomatic Disorder and also well trained in areas of physiotherapy related to Neuro, Pediatric, Orthopedics and Accidental Trauma, Arthritis, Joint Replacement etc.

His educational qualifications have a long list and not only in academics but also in fitness regards. He has completed his Masters in Physiotherapy (neuro), a certified course of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) and a foundation course of manual technique (FOMT) from Australia, a Facial manipulation (FM) study from Italy, foundation course of osteopathy and APBC technique and a Diploma in Yoga therapy. He also has a professional membership in Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

Dr. Amit Kumar Natani is renowned physiotherapist in Jaipur. Balaji Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre is one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Jaipur is managed by him. He provides for the best physiotherapy treatment with reasonable cost to patients.

  • BPT
  • DYT
  • MPT (Neuro)
  • MIAP
  • 14 yrs
    • Bedside clinical tutorial to under graduate students during course of BPT internship and during MPT course as a part of curriculum.
    • Lectures for undergraduates i.e. 1st, 2nd and final year BPT students during MPT.
    • Seminars presented in presence of moderators.
    • He is servicing in Jaipur and has cured more than 20000 patients of low back pain, slip disc, cervical pain, radiculopathy, knee pain since 2009.
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Natani is specialist in spine (slip disc) rehabilitation joint and muscular pain, orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation (Stroke, Parkinson, Motor Neuron Disease, head injury) paediatric (cerebral palsy), gynaecological rehabilitation and also physical trainer of Jaipur.
  • 31st march-july2017 - Certificate in osteopathy & APBC technique
  • 23rd-24th July 2016 - Mulligan technique by Dr Deepak
  • 2nd & 3rd Aug 2014 - Neuromuscular dry needling course
  • 7th & 8th Oct 2012 - Neuro dynamics course
  • 28th to 30th Jan 2009 - 6th All India Physiotherapy Students Conference-workshop on 'Adults Spasticity- Latest Intervention and Management' at Mangalore
  • 8th Sept to13th Sept 2008
    • Normal Motor Development,
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation,
    • Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics,
    • Chest X Ray Interpretation andCardio Pulmonary resuscitation and
    • Community based Rehabilitation.
      • 28th Dec 2007 - Workshop organised by IAP, Mangalore on "Recent advances in Bobath Concept" by Dr. Nitin Ambardar, M.P.T. (Paediatrics) Bobath Therapists, London.
      • 8th Dec 2007 - Physiotherapy Education programme on "Vestibular Rehabilitation organised by Yenepoya Physiotherapy College, Mangalore.
      • 14th Oct 2007 - A Workshop on Radiology- An interpretative approach to X-ray, CT scan, MRI for Physiotherapists organised by Fareed Rehabilitation Centre, Mangalore.
      • 15th Sept 2007 - An orthopaedic seminar on "Manual Examination and Treatment of Lumbar Spine" organised by Midwest professional Medical Education, U.S.A, presented by Dr. John Stephen, PT, PPD.
      • 8th and 9th Sept 2007 - Workshop organised by IAP, Mangalore on "Stroke Rehabilitation task oriented Approach at the Indian Centre for Neuro Rehabilitation, Chennai.
      • 28th Jul 2006 to 28th Jan 2007 - Diploma in Yoga from the Institute of Alternative Therapy & Holistic Health Science Centre, Mangalore (Credit Hours: Theory: 90hours and Practical: 90hours)
      • 4th Dec 2006 - A one day workshop organized by IAP Mangalore on Cardio- Respiratory Investigations.
      • 20th Nov to 2nd Dec 2006 - Workshop organised by the Federation of Indian Manual Therapists on "Manual Therapy in a Clinical Reasoning Perspective" by K. Pearlson M.P.T. (Aus).
      • 10th to 11th Nov 2006 - Conference on Physiotherapy organized by Nepal Physiotherapy Association Kathmandu.
      • 8th to 9th Sept 2006 - Workshop organized by the IAP, Mangalore on 'Recent Trends in Neurology, Recent Trends in Orthopedics'.
      • 12th to 14th Jan 2006 - 3rd All India Physiotherapy Students Conference organized by S.K. Physiotherapy Teachers Association held in Mangalore on "Role of Physiotherapist in ICU-Recent Trends" and "Techniques in Sports Physiotherapy"
      • 22nd Nov 2005 - Workshop organised by Dr. MV Shetty College of Physiotherapy, Mangalore on "Soft Tissue Lesions of the Lower Limb" by Dr Poorna Prakash, MPT.
      • 2nd Sept 2005 - Seminar organised by Dr. MV Shetty College of Physiotherapy, Mangalore on "Principles of Clinical Reasoning in Orthopaedics, Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapy" by Srikanth Akula, MS; PT (Orthopaedics, Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapy, Australia)
      • 3rd June 2005 - Orientation Programme on "An Introduction to Vojta's Method (early diagnosis and early intervention) - Subsequent Modifications" at Mangalore.
      • 10th to 11th Jan 2005 - 2nd All India Physiotherapy Students Conference organized by SK Physiotherapy Teachers Association on "Pediatric Orthopedic Rehabilitation" by Dr Dhruv Mehta, M.Sc (P.T.), Children Orthopedic Hospital, Mumbai.
      • 29th Mar 2004 - 2nd Karnataka State Level Annual Physiotherapy conferences in Bangalore.
      • 13th Feb to 15th Feb 2004 - 42nd Annual Conference of Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) at Jaipur.
      • 10th to 12th Feb 2003 - 5th Annual Physiotherapy Students Conference at Mangalore.
    Co-curricular activities-
    • Participated in Physio Treasure Hunt in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and won in 2004.
    • NSS Volunteer From 2002-2004.
    • Attended NSS Camp from 26-02-2003 to 07-03-2003 held under the theme "Healthy Youth for Healthy India."
    • Performed various free physiotherapy camp in society.