Our Vision & Mission ManglamPlus Medicity

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our goal is to put our right foot forward to make all medical services accessible and affordable for people.
ManglamPlus Medicity aims towards the same with a promise to offer dedicated services with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals to improve the health and wellness of people.

We believe that the international quality care from compassionate medical professionals under one roof will help us become the center of excellent healthcare in the country. The state-of-the-art facility along with round-the-clock medical care can also make us the hub for advanced medical research and academics. We focus on providing the best in healthcare while cultivating an environment of ethics, equality, honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

Our mission is to make the healing presence of the almighty known to common people by improving the healthcare facilities. We focus on serving vulnerable people and ensuring social justice for a better life. The advanced healthcare offered will improve the health of people and communities while promoting health equity. Our practices will also help develop healthcare leaders for the next generation.

The vision is to be on the top of the list and make the hospital name the best in the nation. We want to develop a technologically advanced healthcare system while retaining our trademark and personal touch to provide the highest quality of health care at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

We at ManglamPlus Medicity aim to work towards optimizing human potential using an impactful approach to ensure health and wellness. With exceptional patient care and support from the community, we strive for quality-driven medical services. The diverse range of medical services offered includes various methods of treatment for better results. Our healthcare experts incorporate the latest technology with their skills for delivering affordable, superior-quality medical care. It is to build an environment for medical care that ensures economic viability while meeting international standards.

Our goal is to emerge as the leaders in innovative healthcare in the country with compassion. We work together for improving efficiency with our best doctors which will help us reach the goal to make MangalamPlus Medicity, the best hospital as well as the best critical healthcare center in the nation. We focus to set a benchmark in superior quality healthcare that is accessible to all irrespective of caste, creed, color, or sex.


What makes ManglamPlus Medicity the best hospital in healthcare? We strongly believe in the values that ensure high-quality medical care for the patients:

  • Compassion

    We aim to treat the patients with compassion and kindness and make sure that patients and family members find solace with us as we understand and respond to their healthcare needs.

  • Empathy

    The healthcare professionals at MangalamPlus Medicity always make sure to understand the mentality and emotions of the patients before treating them. With a better understanding, it becomes possible to accurately diagnose the ailments and suggest appropriate treatment options

  • Efficiency

    Offering added value services to our patients for better performance and outcome is our main motto. It includes incorporating best operational practices to reduce or eliminate the negativity prevalent in clinical services. With better performance, comes a better result.

  • Integrity

    We take full responsibility as a healthcare organization to act with integrity and ethics to provide the best care. We maintain complete transparency with our patients and also tend to use our resources towards the improvement of healthcare.

  • Professionalism

    The team of healthcare professionals always takes pride in offering the best services to patients while paying attention to every minute detail. Our experts take full responsibility for their actions and know their consequences. They always keep polishing their skills to ensure superior results and put things right.

  • Progressiveness

    We work as a team to ensure we follow the best medical practices and innovative techniques for ensuring the greatest quality healthcare for patients and their families. We aim to devote ourselves completely to improvement in all our medical practices.

  • Respect

    We always show respect to our patients and their family members. The relationship with patients based on honesty and openness will help in a better understanding of the ailments people suffer from and find the right solutions.

  • Trust

    Our healthcare team tries to build a relationship with the patients based on trust. All information disclosed by the patients remains confidential. The healthcare team suggests tests and prescribes medications and procedures by convincing the patients of better results.