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About Physiotherapy

Why choose Physiotherapy with ManglamPlus Medicity?

Our Approach to Physiotherapy

Beyond treating your existing pain and discomfort, our physiotherapist will assess and diagnose the cause of pain, find the most effective way to alleviate it, and help to prevent re-occurrence.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems. Our unique approach is to fully understand the root cause of the problem and offer an integrated solution to optimize your recovery process and work with you to achieve your goals. We promise to work together to overcome any challenges on your recovery journey.

We are committed to helping you overcome your injury and bring you to action stronger than ever before.

Who We are

We are a team of experienced coaches and clinicians who provide an integrated health, fitness and sports community for people striving to achieve their personal goals. Whether it is training, nutrition, rehabilitation or performance, we believe everyone has greatness within them. We are committed to collaborating as a team to ignite and celebrate the greatness in everyone.

Our Physiotherapy Team