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About us

ManglamPlus Medicity is a great venture in the field of medicine which provides affordable treatment for patients, available round the clock and 365 days. ManglamPlus Medicity aims to build and succeed as a world-class healthcare centre for the nation that will address the current health issues plaguing the common man. With a combination of remarkable infrastructure, highly skilled healthcare professionals, and the use of futuristic technology, ManglamPlus Medicity strives to become the best hospital in Jaipur. Our vision is to attain excellence in delivering healthcare services by providing expertise and state-of-art technology care. We are committed to build such a unique and responsive healthcare infrastructure which serves patients from across the globe. We work, based on pillars of affordability, trust and dedication. The key reason for our success is our consistent adherence to our core principle of patient service. We employ a personalized approach to patient care and maintain enduring relationship with our employees and doctors. Our goal is to achieve the best treatment for every patient at all times in various areas. Also, we have received the accreditation of NABH which assures that the hospital is well conditioned to commit to providing quality care and patient safety for better health outcomes.

ManglamPlus Medicity is continually becoming platform to refine the standards of healthcare, as it has the amalgamation of highly trained medical experts, sophisticated technology, and medical intelligentsia. The institute also offers education and training for professionals in order to take the medical facilities of the country to the next level.

Apart from bringing a smile to the patients, ManglamPlus Medicity also provides an environment for a better life. From interactive discussions to camps for check-ups, it is the one-stop place for all medical needs. Our team works passionately to ensure that the patients receive quality care for their well-being. We strongly believe that philanthropic healthcare can become a reality in today’s world. Our ultimate goal is to reach a level of divinity for a therapeutic and transformational experience. We at ManglamPlus Medicity pledge to work hard until everyone in the country has access to the best healthcare services without worrying about the costs.