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About Anaesthesia

The department of Anesthesia of ManglamPlus Medicity has experts who provide for a safe induction of drugs for an operation and are involved in forming appropriate conditions for the patients to feel no pain and more comfort. This involves a safe delivery of the drugs in the body, acting as optimizing conditions for preoperative patient status. The department has the core aim and philosophy as being patient centered and the quality of services is of the highest order. The patient-centric approach of the hospital makes it possible for the anesthetists to reach out to the patients compassionately. Besides the technical medical knowledge and studying various test reports of the patients’, the best doctors of ManglamPlus Medicity are also empathetic and provide for optimistic words for the patients to feel secured and comfortable. Therefore, the department is very well known for its medical services and facilities and especially the way they deal with the patients.

There are various kinds of anesthesia techniques, available in the department. Anaesthetics reduce or prevent pain during surgical procedures. There are four main types of anaesthetics available.

  • Local anaesthesia: numbs one small area of the body. The patient remains awake and alert during the procedure.
  • Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation: uses a mild sedative to relax and relieve pain.
  • Regional anaesthesia: blocks pain in an area of the body, such as an arm or leg. Epidural anaesthesia, which is sometimes used during childbirth is a type of regional anaesthesia.
  • General anaesthesia: acts on the whole body. The patient goes to sleep and feels nothing. He has no memory of the procedure performed.

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