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About Radiology

The department of Radiology of ManglamPlus Medicity has the best of the equipments and machinery to detect and assess various illnesses and diseases and the extent up to which the disease  has been spread in the body. Radiology at ManglamPlus Medicity includes numerous imaging procedures, which include X-ray, MRI, mammography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, bone mineral density measurement, and fluoroscopy. Also, the reports obtained from various kinds of tests are used by doctors to decide upon which treatment path to adhere to, assisting them in predicting outcomes. The team of Radiologists is extremely proficient and skilled enough to interpret the results of the tests accurately.

The most helpful indication of any disease, present in a patients’ body can be well studied by the doctors, only through the test reports. With the advancing technology and its enhanced usage, radiology has come to be recognized as an excellent diagnostic tool for various diseases. Radiology is defined as a series of tests and investigative examination which is used to capture images of various parts of the body.

Radiological tests available at ManglamPlus Medicity:

We, at the ManglamPlus Medicity hospital have one of the best ultrasound equipments dedicated for obstetric and general body imaging to detect structural abnormalities in fetus.

X-rays tests by radiologists utilize the radiations that scan the body and study different parts of the body, soft tissues  and bones. It further enables the doctors to diagnose the patient accurately and recommend the best treatment. Besides X-ray, radiology includes a variety of other imaging technologies, including CT scan, MRI, fluoroscopy, and angiography, allowing physicians of ManglamPlus Medicity to study the digestive system and blood vessels and obtain 2D and 3D images of soft tissue present in the body. The best radiologists of the hospital make effective use of the latest machines for diagnostic images to give the doctors a detailed analysis of the structural changes in the organs of the patients. What makes it more vital is the fact that the doctors by such a report are able to identify the right issue at an early stage and provide diagnosis more efficiently.

Our Radiology Team